The mask that many doctors and nurses wear during an outbreak of Ebola is one of the first pieces of medical equipment to be used.

But now, experts are concerned that it could become a barrier to infection.

The masks are essential if people are to be screened and treated, but not necessary for everyone.

Ebola masks are designed to keep people safe but are also meant to help them feel comfortable and relaxed.

But experts are worried about their safety.

What you need to know about Ebola: • Ebola masks can prevent infection, but the technology is not yet widely available to help people who are sick or need to be treated.

• They are designed for people who can be exposed to the virus, but are not meant to be worn by people who have never been exposed.

A new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that while they may prevent infection at first, they may be too small to keep patients safe.

The researchers studied the safety of a small number of masks worn by medical workers in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

They tested the masks against the virus and found the masks did not work as well as expected.

The US researchers say the masks may be unsafe because of their lack of a biometric identifier or a biocompatible material that allows for the use of an air-filled mask.

They say they believe the masks are not designed to be the “face shield” that the WHO recommended and are likely to become a safety issue later on.

How to buy a mask: The US study used masks made by Kite.

They said their masks were designed to allow people to breathe but not to prevent infection.

But the masks have to be fitted with a mask that does not obstruct the airways, and there is a warning on the mask warning that the air can be very hot and humid in the tropics.

Kite says the masks will work, but it is not clear whether they will work as good as the WHO suggested.

Kites said it is still possible to purchase a mask online and be confident it will protect against the Ebola virus.

The American Civil Liberties Union says people should consider purchasing the masks from a health care provider and getting their masks checked by a qualified healthcare professional before using them.

WHO says: An effective response to the Ebola pandemic will require effective, coordinated, and coordinated responses across government, industry, academia, and the private sector.

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