The Trump administration is moving forward with its plan to deport roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants and block all federal grants to sanctuary cities, a move that would undermine President Donald Trump’s pledge to end the “amazing” deportations of undocumented immigrants.

The president signed a sweeping executive order on Jan. 20 aimed at ending the sanctuary cities in which he had sought to put them under federal supervision.

The order, which took effect on Friday, also directed federal agencies to review policies of local law enforcement to determine if they complied with federal immigration laws.

The order requires federal agencies and local governments to make changes to policies and procedures for dealing with immigrants detained at local jails, including ensuring that they can be released from custody if they’re released to their home country, and that local jurisdictions are required to ensure that immigrants detained in the jails have adequate social and health services.

The orders also directs the Department of Homeland Security to establish a national office to monitor federal efforts to remove undocumented immigrants from the United States, as well as to take action against sanctuary jurisdictions that fail to comply with federal laws.

“This order is designed to end sanctuary cities,” Department of Justice spokesman David Lapan told reporters at the White.

“This is a very important goal, and it’s something we’ve been pursuing.

This order is not going anywhere, and we will continue to pursue this goal.”

The president’s executive order was met with fierce criticism from immigration advocates and lawmakers.

It also drew the ire of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which urged the administration to consider using other options, such as using federal funds to help immigrants who have not committed crimes and who do not pose a risk to public safety.

The Chamber of 2000, which advocates for business interests in immigration, urged the Trump administration to prioritize efforts to de-escalate tensions and to stop the flow of people across the border, and to focus its efforts on those who have been convicted of crimes.

“We must make sure the people who commit the most heinous crimes in the country are sent home,” the Chamber said in a statement.

The immigration advocacy group the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) blasted the administration for “taking its eye off the ball” on this issue and said it will continue urging Congress to hold immigration policy hostage.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Friday that he was disappointed in the order but that it was not the end of his support for ending sanctuary cities.

“He supports the president’s policies on immigration and will continue working with him to support his policies, particularly those aimed at deporting dangerous criminals,” spokesman Chris Horner said.

The Trump administration has made no public comment on the order.

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