Posted by BBC News on Wednesday, July 23, 2020 17:01:23 The US military has said it is likely to deploy to Syria, after a series of chemical weapons attacks, as part of its efforts to deter potential threats.

The military said on Tuesday that the number of US troops in the region, including in Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, would rise to about 1,000, a number that is expected to increase.

The deployment would come after US President Donald Trump and his allies on Tuesday ordered a US missile strike on a Syrian airbase, in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack last month in which dozens of people were killed.

US and Russian forces have been conducting air raids against IS fighters in Syria since the fall of the Assad regime in 2016.

US officials said on Wednesday they had ordered another US strike in Syria on Monday, targeting a convoy of weapons heading for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday the United States was considering sending more than 500 troops to Syria and would seek approval from the Pentagon to do so.

“We’ll see how this goes, but I do think that we are very focused on getting the most capable force to Syria,” he told ABC News.

The United States has been conducting military operations in Syria, with the aim of backing the Assad government against a variety of rebel groups and IS.

US President Barack Obama last month ordered a missile strike against a Syrian government air base in response to a suspected chemical weapons weapons attack in which the United Nations said it had evidence of at least 20 deaths.

US Central Command said the airbase was the target of a rocket attack on Tuesday, in response.

“This morning, the US struck a Syrian military airbase in response,” said Pentagon spokesman Major Mark Wright.

“The strike was conducted against a convoy that was transporting weapons from Syria to Hezbollah.”

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