RTE 1.8 million people are living on the streets of Ireland.

The Government is proposing to change that with a new “homelessness levy” for social housing.

The idea is to give people a lump sum to help them pay for their accommodation and other essentials.

The plan will be rolled out over three years, but the details will be released later this week.

The Irish Times spoke to the chief executive of the Housing Executive, the organisation that is responsible for administering the levy. 

How it will work What the Government will provide to people living on street level is the “basic social housing levy”, which will cover about €1,500 for each person.

That’s €200 less than the current rate of €1.8m.

This will cover most of the cost of a home and will also be a lifeline for many low-income families, including single parents and those with children.

The government will also provide additional funding for families living on lower incomes and will set up a “housing-based” grant scheme for those who need extra help.

The levy will also help cover rent payments and a portion of the costs of housing, with the Government promising to provide “affordable” housing for people who are not already living on their own.

“It’s a big change and it’s an ambitious move to make, but we are making a commitment that we will take on board the basic social housing and social rental levy in the next budget,” Housing Minister Paul Murphy told the Irish Times.

The number of people living in social housing has fallen from over 2.5 million in the early 2000s to just over 1.7 million in 2013.

However, the number of homeless people in the country has risen dramatically.

This has seen an estimated increase of over 100,000 people over the last year. 

The new plan will not only increase the amount of money people have to spend on housing, but also the number and quality of housing they can find.

“We know that the increase in homelessness is a major cause of the increase we have seen over the past three years,” said Housing Minister Murphy.

“Our new strategy is to deliver the most affordable housing in Ireland for people on the street.” 

What will happen to those living on homelessness? 

The Government says it will provide “a generous amount of funding to those on the lowest incomes”.

That means people on an average income will receive €4,500 over three months.

The maximum amount they can receive for two months is €1 a week, which is a significant cut from the current system.

This is intended to provide support to people who need it most, and will include extra help for those living in homeless accommodation. 

“If you are a person on the low income, we are going to be offering you extra support,” said Murphy.

He said the government would “reassure” the people who were living on rough sleeping that they would not be put in temporary accommodation and that they will still receive support.

“There will be an extra provision of social housing for those people who don’t have any other options,” he added. 

What does the levy do? 

“The levy will help people with the most basic needs,” said Mr Murphy.

It will cover everything from the basics like rent payments to heating and water bills, as well as things like paying for a car and transport.

The new plan is also meant to help people living with a disability, mental health issues and those who are struggling with mental health problems. 

Who will be affected? 

People who live in social accommodation will receive an extra amount of €400, as will people who live on the city’s street level. 

There will also only be a “limited number” of people receiving a “shelter payment” on top of the basic rate, according to Mr Murphy, and the amount will be limited to “a few hundred”. 

“We’re not looking to give away all of the money to homeless people,” said Minister Murphy, adding that people will be given more help if they choose to live in homeless housing. 

Are there alternatives to housing? 

There are some other options, but they will only be available to those who have “a financial hardship”.

This means people who have been homeless for a long time or who are chronically ill.

It also means people will need to be “qualified to live on their income” to be eligible for the levy, while those on low incomes will be eligible only if they have “an income which does not exceed €500 a week”. 

What else will happen? 

 It is not clear exactly what will happen with people living at street level, but this will be a long-term move. 

This will mean that those living at the “street level” will not be able to access the new social housing, or “homestay accommodation”, that the government has promised to provide. 

Where will they live? 

It’s not yet known whether or not the Government plans

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