The story of how video editor changed my life, and mine, and my life.

It is a story about a video editor whose life was changed forever by video editing.

When I was in college, I was writing a thesis on video editing, and I had written a thesis about video editing in high school.

I had done a little bit of video editing and I was really excited about it, and wanted to do more.

So I thought I would do more video editing because it was a passion of mine.

And I thought, oh, I’m going to be a video writer.

So then I did some videos and was like, oh yeah, I want to do this.

And then I found out that video editing was a huge field of study in video editing that I wanted to pursue, and then I decided to go do it.

I went to the College of Visual Arts in New York, and it was just the coolest place to be because I was able to work on video and it felt like I was actually making a video.

And it was really nice because I got to work with some of the very best people in the field.

And after a year, I decided I was done with that, and decided I would try to pursue other things.

And that’s when I started doing some freelance work.

And, and this is important, I didn’t go to school to learn video editing or to become a video artist.

I went to school so that I could learn to make video, and the more I learned, the more interested I was to do it professionally.

So, and you see, video editing has been around for quite some time.

You know, I’ve been editing video for a long time.

I think I was like 13 years old when I did a video with my parents called “Lucky,” and I went home with it and I said, this is a really cool thing.

And they were like, yeah, this was cool, but you should’ve done more.

And so that’s how I started to work professionally, because I had never really thought about what a professional video editor is, and so I was doing this, you know, video work that was not really working out, and a few months later I got a call from my boss and she said, oh this is really interesting.

I said no, I have no interest in this.

She said, well, maybe you should go to work for a video company, and she went to work and then got this really nice job.

And she said to me, this will be the start of a career.

And my dad and I were like okay, this sounds great.

And we both went to college, and we did really well.

And there was a lot of success in the video industry, and in our field.

So that’s what happened.

I got an amazing job and then one day I was watching this documentary called The End of Video by Nick Broomfield and I remember thinking, oh man, this guy is really good.

And he had this documentary on the rise of video editors, and he was talking about how video editing is really changing our lives and that it was like going to an art gallery.

And video editing had a really huge impact on how I viewed video.

It was like my entire world was being reshaped.

And the things that I loved about video and video editing changed.

So there was this one documentary that I was obsessed with, and that documentary has become such a huge thing in my life that I just had to watch it.

And and it’s the story, and all of these people, and these people were really, really good at this, and they were really good in this area of video and that they were able to do the best job at it.

It’s really the story.

And you can watch that documentary and be like, wow, I just can’t get enough of this.

So one day, when I was at work, I noticed that my video editor on the floor was talking to me about how they did this documentary, and, and their video editor said, look, I’ll take the video for you.

And their video producer said, yeah.

And this was so funny, because video editing people, I mean, there was no one in the world who was as good as this guy.

I mean it’s just unbelievable.

So it was the same day that I saw that documentary, it was my birthday.

And everyone had come to work, and everyone had a birthday party, and everybody had a party.

And every one of them had a video, so I got my first video.

But it was all about the documentary.

It had this video editor who was working at that time who was a very, very talented person, and who was just so much better at video than I was, and to see that documentary on that day really changed my

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