Google’s video chat service, called Google Video, is set to launch in the US this week, and it is a welcome addition to the increasingly popular streaming video platform.

Elisa, who lives in New York, is one of the more than a million people in the country who use Google Video as their primary video chat and video-chatting tool.

She recently took part in a live chat with her friends in which she discussed her experiences using Google Video in the past year, her current experiences with the service and her plan to try out Google’s new chat app.

Elisah is also a fan of the new chat service.

“I think Google Video is really good.

I think it’s a good service for a lot of people, and I think that it will be great for people who are not necessarily on the platform for a reason,” she said.

“And then I think the whole thing of Google video is really fun.”

Google Video Elisa and her Google Video chat group Elisa is excited to get her own video chat group.

She and her buddies are all on the same page when it comes to using the service.

She said that it was great for the people who use the service to talk about whatever they want to discuss.

She also likes that the service allows people to set up a video chat with friends, even if they are on different platforms.

“You can even have the group be your friends, you can set up it, set up the chat,” she explained.

“It’s really cool to be able to have your own group and be able share your own video with your friends.”

Elisa believes that Google Video has a lot to offer for her.

“As an adult, I feel like I’m really not a video user,” she told The Lad.

“So I’m a bit hesitant to say that I’ll be using Google video but I am really looking forward to it.

I love the way that it lets me have fun with my friends and have a great time.”

Elisayls first Google Video experience was with Google TV, and she says that the new Google Video service makes it easier to watch Google TV on a smartphone.

Elizabra Lam Elisa’s friends also recently tried out Google Video and were quite impressed.

“They actually actually went on the YouTube channel and actually played a video on YouTube that was a real YouTube video,” Elisa said.

Eliza said that she likes how much Google has changed with the company’s video apps over the years.

“When I used YouTube, it was very simple.

It was just sort of like this little thing where you’d just type in a YouTube name and it would take you to the page.

Then it would be like,” she added.

“Now, you actually have a way to use Google video and actually have video conversations.”

Google TV Elisa says that Google TV is also very helpful for her because it has a very small screen, which allows her to use her phone as a remote and video chat tool.

Google TV has also improved the quality of the video that Elisa can stream.

“If you can go to Google TV and just go to your channel and type in the name of your channel, it’ll take you straight to the channel,” she continued.

“YouTube does a really good job of keeping that kind of detail up so that you can really see what’s happening on the screen.”

If you are on a smaller screen, it’s really hard to keep it all in focus, but now, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Elisi and her group have had a lot more fun with the new app, too.

“My friends are using it to watch their own videos, they’re watching other people’s videos and they’re trying to get a few good looks at me, and they get to see that I’m actually really good at my own video,” she admitted.

“That’s a really fun thing.

I feel really good about it.

It’s definitely good to have people actually watch me and actually enjoy what I’m doing.”

Elissa says that her friends were more than impressed with how the app works.

“The whole thing is really nice.

It just feels like YouTube,” she concluded.

EliSays she also likes the fact that the app is so simple.

“All you need to do is type in your name and Google will tell you how many people are on your channel,” Elisados statement reads.

Elissa also said that her group has enjoyed Google Video more than the service’s previous versions.

“We have been watching YouTube videos on YouTube and then watching videos on Google TV.

It works really well.

It really feels like Google TV,” she stated.

“There’s no setup and it’s all just great.”

Elsas favorite part about the app has to be the “video chat.”

She said it is so easy

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