Google is now adding video-based content from major online video platforms to the results of searches on the search engine, according to a post on Google+ from the search giant’s VP of engineering, Paul Marchese.

In a post titled “Add Video to Search Results,” Marchesee wrote that “in addition to videos and audio, we now have a variety of other video-related content that can be added to Google results.”

That content includes “real-time news from around the world,” and “an audio preview of your video” in addition to a variety “of other videos, audio and images.”

“When we started, we were using Google’s own search results for content, and now we’re adding video as well,” Marcese wrote.

“We’re adding more videos to our search results every day, so if you search for the phrase ‘apple pie,’ for example, you’ll see it now.”

The post went on to note that Google now supports more video-rich search results than any other search engine.

Marcheese went on say that the company has added more than 300 million videos to its platform and has added about 4 million new video pages.

Google is currently adding more video content to the search results page than any search engine in the world.

“Today, we’re going to add videos to search results,” he wrote.

Google has historically relied on video content as part of its search engine results, and many other companies have done the same.

Google said it will continue to add new video content for video search in the future, but it said it’s not doing so “at the expense of video search results.”

Marchesea noted that YouTube has already started adding videos to the site.

“The video-driven content from our partners includes news, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes footage, and we’ve been able to integrate them into YouTube’s video search features since launch,” he said.

Google+ is one of the most popular social networks on the web.

The social network’s platform has been a haven for some of the biggest names in tech and entertainment.

Google’s partnership with YouTube allows it to create search results that are more relevant to users, which are a way for users to find and share content from the company’s platforms.

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