CBS News has been using a video editor on our website since last week, but what is it?

We have to admit, it’s pretty confusing.

It was pretty easy to figure out what it does, but we can’t explain what it’s for, and it’s not a new feature.

YouTube’s not letting us, either.

We tried it on a recent video, and when you click on a video to go to its settings, you’ll be presented with a video editing menu.

From here, you can change settings, edit video, share videos, and edit music.

You can change the way you view and edit videos, too, though we didn’t see anything else on the page.

The video editor has a couple of different modes, one for adding and removing video clips, and one for making edits.

The latter is a bit more complicated, though.

You can make your video more visually appealing by changing how the video looks.

The default setting is to add a little bit of background, then some text, and then a small icon to highlight a key word or phrase.

When you change the video’s settings, a new version of the video will appear.

You have a little menu with two options.

Either you can add text to the video or change the background color.

It’s easy to add text and it adds a little more visual appeal to the videos.

If you want to make the video a bit darker, you need some sort of color correction.

Here’s a video we made.

The second option lets you edit video with a special filter.

This filter can be used to adjust the brightness of certain parts of the image.

If a video is too bright, you might want to adjust it down a bit.

You’ll also find a new “playback” option, which allows you to adjust playback speed.

Finally, the final option lets the video preview on YouTube.

To use this editing tool, you just need to go back to the settings menu, change the filter to something else, and click “Edit.”

If you click “OK,” the video you made will appear in your timeline.

We tried to edit a video with this filter.

We wanted to change the color and contrast, but it didn’t work.

We clicked on the “OK” button, but then the video started to load and we had to wait for it to load.

The preview didn’t show up, so we clicked again.

We had to click on “Save” twice, and that’s when we got the video.

It loaded instantly.

You could also use this feature to adjust a video’s sound.

You could do this by selecting the filter on the video, changing the volume, and adjusting the level.

Then, you could click on the volume slider and set the volume to whatever you want.

We used a similar trick to change a video that had an annoying bass boost.

It didn’t matter if the bass boost was added manually or automatically, so you could do that.

This time, though, we wanted to make sure the video had a strong bass boost so that it would sound better.

We used a filter on our video and used an audio clip from our podcast to add the bass.

We then used an EQ to make it louder and lower the volume.

It sounded great.

To add a sound effect to a video, you select the audio clip and go to the “Sound” section.

Then you can click on one of the clips in the list.

You’d be presented a menu with options to add sound effects to the clip.

We chose to add some sound effects and let the video play, so it did.

You have to save your changes, but the video would load instantly.

We wanted to add an effect to our video that added some extra energy to the final product.

That was easy, too.

Here are some of the options we tried:We tried a few different audio effects to add to our videos.

Some of the audio effects had a little too much bass boost, so I tried adding a little delay to my video.

The effect added some visual interest to the finished video.

The audio in this video adds a lot of energy to our content.

We didn’t want it to get boring, so this effect was added to the end of the clip to add more of a sense of presence.

This is one of our favorites.

Another video effect added to our YouTube video was a slight boost to the audio in our audio clip.

I found it to add that extra sense of energy in the final video.

To change the sound level in a video clip, click on it, and you’ll get an option to adjust how loud the audio is.

I like the sound effect I added to this clip.

If I were to try something similar, I would like to have the option to have both the volume and the sound volume change simultaneously.

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