When Donald Trumps first inauguration as president, he didn’t seem to know how to take the oath of office.

As he took his seat at the Capitol, he made a promise to “drain the swamp,” but it was more like a promise he would “clean it up” before the end of his presidency.

“The swamp is a problem.

It’s a drain.

We need to drain it,” Trump said, according to a transcript of his inauguration speech released by the White House.

That was a stark contrast to the inaugural address given by President Barack Obama, who spoke of “the swamp” and promised to “make it clean.”

The swamp, he said, is “the dark place where our political opponents thrive, where their influence is deep and where their power grows.”

But as the inauguration wore on, Trump’s rhetoric about “drying up the swamp” got a bit more vague, and he was forced to concede the idea that the swamp was a problem when he spoke to reporters in February.

“What we’re going to do is drain the swamp and make it drain,” he said at a press conference, according a transcript.

“That’s the real swamp, it’s got to be drained.”

Trump’s pledge to “clean up the cesspool” of Washington became a rallying cry of his presidential campaign and a staple of his stump speeches.

And in his first inaugural address, Trump promised to end “this special interest tax break that is harming the middle class.”

His inaugural committee’s website described it as “the first time that an inaugural address has been delivered by a sitting president, and a first time delivered by an African American.”

Trump did not mention any of the other ways in which the swamp is affecting him or his family.

But it’s clear that Trump’s campaign and inaugural committee believed that his promise of a “cleaner” swamp would help him win the White Senate, which is now held by Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia.

“We are making great progress in the Trump administration,” Warner said during the inauguration ceremony.

“I will not stop fighting for the people of the United States.

I will not be deterred by the obstructionist, greedy, ungrateful, vindictive, and self-serving obstructionists in Washington.”

Trump, of course, did not.

In his inaugural address and in his press conference the next day, Trump vowed to drain the “dishonest, corrupt swamp of Washington.”

The phrase has become shorthand for his administration’s relentless push to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which was passed in 2010.

The law has been repeatedly blocked by courts and Congress, but in 2018 Trump announced a plan to scrap it entirely, which he said would help the middle-class and lower-income Americans.

“This legislation will bring the middle and working classes together, create jobs, save the American taxpayer billions of dollars and create more American jobs,” Trump promised at the time.

“It is the perfect insurance policy for the future of our country.”

The idea of a Trump administration that was “totally focused on jobs” is one that seems to resonate with many conservatives, who see a President Trump who will prioritize the needs of the rich, Wall Street and big business over the needs and interests of working Americans.

When President Trump’s first inaugural speech was released in January, he declared that he was “the outsider, the outsider who has no establishment ties.”

But in the years since his election, Trump has continued to use his outsider status to distance himself from the mainstream Republican Party, which often considers him an outlier.

“He’s not a normal politician, he’s not part of the mainstream,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who is now running for the Republican nomination for president.

“His campaign is a political war on the establishment and the establishment is the enemy.

He’s not trying to be an establishment politician.

He doesn’t have the right to be in the mainstream.

He wants to be different.”

He continued: “If you want to know the true nature of Donald Trump, you don’t have to watch his rallies.

He can be anything he wants to.”

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