Indian sex videos are free, and many of them are getting shared across the internet, but some are actually quite serious, says a new report. 

Indian sex videos have become popular in recent years thanks to the proliferation of online platforms like Pornhub, and they are increasingly getting shared on the platforms of other countries.

The report, released by the Pew Research Center’s Gender Gap Project, found that more than half of the adult videos on Pornhub in India were not in fact adult in nature.

The site also reported that the number of adult videos being shared on other platforms like Facebook and Google+ had jumped from 7% to 13%.

According to the report, the sex-related content that is being shared in India on PornHub is often explicit and violent, and the content is typically uploaded by men. 

According to a recent study by the New York-based Media Research Center (MRC), India’s porn industry is now worth $5.4 billion ($2.2 billion in 2018), with an estimated 1.3 million working-age adults in the country. 

Many of the videos being uploaded on Porn Hub have been found to contain explicit language, nudity, and sexual content. 

The report suggests that these platforms are increasingly being used by young people and those who are less financially secure. 

“A key implication of this study is that the adult content in Indian adult video clips, such as the ones on PornHQ, is frequently inappropriate and may have harmful implications for children,” the report says. 

However, the report also says that it is “possible that some of the content on Porn sites is inappropriate, and that some children are watching such content without knowing the harmfulness of the material they are watching”. 

Pornhub, which is owned by Google, is widely regarded as one of the most popular porn sites in the world. 

It is also the site that hosts the most controversial adult videos, which are often posted to Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Although Pornhub is no longer the biggest porn site in India, the site is still seen as the place where many people get their first taste of sex, and is also used to share videos of men having sex. 

As the report notes, some of Pornhub’s videos are also often hosted on Facebook and YouTube. 

This is a major concern for the researchers, who found that many of the users on these platforms have also turned to Pornhub to find content to share. 

For example, they found that when they were searching for porn related to women, they were sharing more porn than other users. 

While this is not a huge problem for Pornhub as it has millions of users, it is worrying for many Indian women. 

Researchers say that some Indian men who are frustrated by the lack of adult content are using Pornhub specifically as a way to get free sex videos. 

Pornohub is also one of several porn sites that are being used to spread hate speech.

In India, there is a general belief that women have no value in mainstream society and therefore cannot be trusted. 

In the country, there are fears that people on Porn websites are spreading hate speech by posting offensive content and other disturbing material, such a violent and sexually explicit video. 

One such video on Porn hub that has been widely shared on social media, entitled “Bodyscape,” has been viewed by over 500,000 people on the site. 

There have been other cases of sexual harassment and violence being reported by Indian men, and a large number of rape complaints have been made to police. 

Despite this, the Pew researchers say that there is very little enforcement in India against this material. 

They also note that in many parts of the world, the media is not always able to tackle issues that are perceived as taboo. 

Other reports have highlighted the role that social media plays in the spread of pornography in India. 

A recent survey by the BBC showed that in some parts of India, more than one in five men who have watched porn say they have watched it on Facebook or Google+ at some point in their lives. 

Another recent report by the Indian news portal News18 said that in the first quarter of 2018, India was home to almost 5 million sexually explicit videos on porn platforms.

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