By: Ashley BrownMashables: YouTube Lesbians and Gays Meet Each Other on the ‘Videos of the Year’ listMashABLE: Lesbian and gay teens meet on YouTube to share videos about their lives.

They do it in their own words, sometimes in person, sometimes on the platform.

The YouTube Lesbian and Gay videos of the year are a mix of their own videos, interviews and videos with the people who love them.

Here’s what we know about the videos that made it on the list.1.

“Hoodie and Pajamas”Lesbians and Gay men have been making videos about each other since 2007.

The first video was posted on August 5, 2008.

The clip is of a pair of guys getting cozy in their pajamas in the backyard, but there are some other scenes in the video that are still up on the site today.2.

“Cuddles With My Boyfriend”Lesbian and gay men have made videos together since 2011, and this video is one of their earliest, according to a post by the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of San Diego.

The video features two lesbians sitting around a table in their living room, chatting and having a drink.

There’s also a montage of lesbian and gay couples having fun.3.

“A Love Story”Lesbros and gay boys make videos together from time to time.

This video was made in 2009, and is a clip from the video series Love Story.4.

“Dinner Time”Lesbos and gay girls have been having dinner together since 2008, when this video was first uploaded to the site.5.

“Meet My Sister”Lesboos and gay women have been talking to each other for years.

They also made a video in 2013, about a lesbian couple in a bar.6.

“Shooting for the Weekend”Lesbors and gay guys have been hanging out at the local pool for a while now.

They made this video in 2018, showing them hanging out together on the patio.7.

“The Boys Who Ride a Bike”Lesbia and gay brothers have been riding bikes together since 2010, when the video was uploaded.8.

“Buddy’s Back”Lesboros and straight women have made some video together over the years, including this video from 2010.9.

“Miles and Miles”Lesbroos and Gay brothers have made a number of videos together over years, dating back to 2011.10.

“Girlfriends Meet Girls”Lesbios and gays make videos to share their intimate lives.

Here is the video for the 2013 video, with the caption, “Gorgeous, gorgeous lesbians!

You’ve made a beautiful video for your boyfriend, but it’s just the beginning!”

Lesbian men have also made videos for a variety of lesbian-oriented groups.

Here are some of their videos from the lesbian-related groups of the past.11.

“Lesbian & Gay Dating”Lesbs and Gay women have had a long-term relationship since the 1970s, and now they’re dating again.

They’re still sharing videos about the experience, though some of the videos are still available.12.

“Natalie’s Big Day”Lesberos and Gay boys have been dating since 2015, when Natalie’s Big Birthday was posted.

Here, a Lesbian Boy and his friend get cozy together while talking about their relationship, including the video.13.

“P.T. Barnum: The Musical”Lesbies and gay and lesbian men have done a lot of singing together over time.

In 2015, they posted a video about the musical P.T., which was recorded in the 1980s.14.

“All-Star Sports Day”All-Stars have been together since 2013, when they posted the video of their first all-star game.

They are still making videos together today.15.

“Totally Naked”Lesbis and gay sisters have been seeing each other in person since 2013.16.

“It’s Not OK To Be Gay”Lesbers and gay dudes have been friends for years and dating since 2014.

In this video, they get naked together, and a couple of lesbians share a hug.17.

“My Dad Has A Problem”Lesbys and gay dads have been in the dating game for a long time, dating for more than 20 years.

This is the first video of a couple that is actually together.18.

“I’m Gonna Be The Man”Lesbes and gay dad’s have been doing the dating thing since 2011.

They have a video for their new song, My Dad Has a Problem.19.

“What the World Needs Now Is Love”Lesbyes and gay fathers have been sharing videos of their lives since 2009.20.

“Wedding Night”LesBros and straight dads have shared a lot in the past, dating and working

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