The mainstream media, which had been in a “bully pulpit” against President Trump for the past two years, was not happy when the White House released its first tax returns, which showed the president’s income from business interests and his personal financial interests in real estate.

“The media was going to be the bully pulpit for the president, to be able to do this, to use the bully-pulpit tactics that they were used to against Obama, but they never wanted to be in that position with Trump,” said John Avlon, a political commentator and former White House aide.

“Now we have Trump being the one who has to do the talking.”

Trump, who took office in January, has consistently attacked the media for being biased, but he has also been praised for the way he’s responded to media attacks.

The president has repeatedly used his bully pulis to criticize media outlets that have been critical of him.

During a press conference on Thursday, Trump called CNN, Fox News and MSNBC “the enemy of the American people,” and said, “I’m not gonna let them bully me anymore.

I’m going to fight back.”

“I think the media is in a very sad place right now,” Avlon said.

“This is just the first of a long line of attacks on the president that we’re gonna have to deal with.

The media is the enemy of all of us.”

Fox News’ John Roberts said the president was “not going to stop fighting back” and added that he’s not worried about the media’s ability to be a “bullying machine” in the future.

The administration is not backing down from its attacks on media outlets and the “liberal media,” and Avlon warned that Trump is going to continue to “fight back.”

Fox, CNN, MSNBC and others have called the White Houses tax returns “outrageous,” “insulting” and “offensive.”

The media has been “sabotaging the White house” for years, Avlon added.

“It is a massive, gigantic problem, but it’s also not going to go away.”

“We don’t need a media that’s a little more political,” Avlos said.

The former aide said that he believes the media will be “a major liability for Trump in the 2020 election.”

“They’re going to have to fight the Trump administration on a daily basis, and they’re going.

they’re gonna be there to defend the president,” Avlons said.

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