Today, Recode has the first look at a new survey from the privacy-focused consumer organization Consumer Reports, which surveyed more than 1,000 American adults about the privacy practices of major companies like Facebook and Google.

The survey asks respondents what they do with their personal data, how they use it, and how much they’re willing to pay to keep it secret.

Here’s what we learned:1.

Nearly everyone collects some kind of data from their mobile device.

The top three respondents said they would collect or use data from mobile devices if it’s relevant to their work, while the lowest three were willing to keep their personal information private.2.

Nearly half of Americans surveyed say they’ve heard of “a ton of bad” privacy practices by major companies, and nearly a quarter of those respondents said that companies they worked with often abused their rights in their dealings with consumers.3.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said a major company would be more likely to give consumers the option of switching to another service provider if it had privacy policies in place.4.

While most Americans don’t feel like they need to take any steps to protect their personal privacy, one-third of respondents agreed that they would feel pressured to change their behavior if their personal info became public.5.

One-third said they wouldn’t be able to do what they love without being asked.6.

Nearly three-quarters of consumers said they feel pressured by companies to use their data in order to sell more products and services.7.

Nearly one-fifth of respondents say they feel uncomfortable sharing their financial information with a company.8.

More than a third of consumers feel they can only trust companies that are transparent about what they collect.9.

More Americans say they’d rather be able a privacy-conscious, trustworthy company to be able their personal details.10.

Almost three-in-ten respondents said it was important to make sure that their personal identity was kept private.11.

Nearly four-in, nearly four-out of five respondents said companies that offer personal information are not transparent enough.12.

More people would be upset if their privacy information was released to third parties.13.

The number of Americans who believe they should be able go to their bank to request their bank records, as well as the number who feel this is a big issue is similar to those who felt that way last year.14.

Nearly a quarter said that privacy is more important than people’s economic well-being, and that their data is more sensitive than others.15.

About half of consumers would prefer that their privacy is protected if they were using a third-party service.16.

More millennials say they would be less likely to buy from a third party if they knew their financial details were being used.17.

Nearly six-in.-10 millennials would be hesitant to donate to a charity that doesn’t have privacy policies.18.

More Millennials would be concerned if they found out they had a personal data breach than the number of other age groups.19.

More seniors would be reluctant to donate if they had been affected by a breach.20.

Nearly eight-in.

of millennials said they’d feel pressured or embarrassed to change the way they work if their financial data became public, while nearly two-in., two-out, and one-in of seniors said they were not.21.

About six-and-a-half out of 10 Millennials think that companies should be required to create a privacy policy to protect information from the public.22.

About one-quarter of Millennials think privacy should be a “major” concern when it comes to sharing information.23.

More respondents than any other age group would be willing to give up their privacy if it was a “minor” concern.24.

More consumers would be embarrassed if they lost their data if they shared it with a third parties without their permission.25.

Nearly seven-in..of Millennials would agree that privacy should never be a major concern for companies that provide their personal and financial information.26.

About two-and…of Americans would say it’s not acceptable to give someone their personal email address without their consent.27.

More older Americans say privacy should not be a top concern for a company that provides their personal financial information, while more Millennials say it should be.28.

About seven-and..of Americans feel pressured and embarrassed to share their financial and personal information with third parties, while less than one-and….of Millennials feels comfortable sharing their personal life with a business without their knowledge.29.

More Republicans say they want companies to create privacy policies that protect their privacy, while fewer Republicans say this should never happen.30.

More Democrats say they are comfortable with companies that make a privacy statement.31.

More Independents agree that companies need to create their own privacy policies, while Republicans are less likely.32.

More young adults say companies should not share financial information without their prior consent.33.

More women than men

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