Source RTE article RTE News has exclusively learned that Jacob, best known for his YouTube videos, has been given a six month ban by Twitter.

The ban came after Jacob posted a video on the platform last week in which he claimed he was banned by Twitter for a similar reason.

However, Jacob was not banned for violating its terms and conditions, nor were he suspended.

“Jacob’s video is in violation of Twitter’s terms and guidelines for videos, including his claim that he was suspended for ‘violating its terms of service’.”

Twitter has now asked the court for a temporary restraining order against Jacob so he can continue to make videos on the service,” said a spokesperson for Twitter.”

He has until April 12 to appeal this decision.

“Twitter said it would not comment further until it had taken legal advice on the matter.

Twitter’s terms of services and general guidelines prohibit users from making and distributing material that promotes or incites hatred or violence, is threatening, abusive, vulgar or defamatory, encourages violence, or promotes illegal activities.

Twitter has been criticised for not providing clear guidelines to users on how to report violations of its terms.

The company has also faced criticism for using terms such as “hate speech”, “harassment”, “incitement to violence”, and “extremism” in its terms for users to report illegal activity.

In January, Jacos lawyer Michael Fuchs was suspended from Twitter after he posted an angry video to the social networking site, claiming he was kicked out for violating the terms of the platform’s terms.

Jacob and his lawyer are currently contesting a court ruling against him.

Twitter had previously said it did not have the power to suspend or remove users for breaking the terms and had an obligation to act within its powers.

In May, Twitter had said it was considering a ban on Jacob for making the video, which had attracted more than 1 million views.”

I think we should take a look at this, but I just want to make sure I don’t get suspended for another day.”

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