The search giant announced a $500 million partnership with the video call service, OMEGLE, to help provide high-quality video calls.

“The OMEGL video call platform will be built by Yahoo’s team of video professionals who are experts in the industry,” said Google VP of Product Engineering Tom Söderberg.

“This partnership with OMEGEL will allow us to create a new type of video calling platform that is as close to the reality of the experience as possible, and it will enable more people to use video calls, for free.”

The deal comes just weeks after the Google+ video platform acquired OMEGELS mobile app for $100 million.

Google said the OMEGl video platform will offer video calling that is “the closest to the real world” and that it will also allow users to “create their own video content” without having to pay for premium features like call recording or voice dictation.

“Our mission at Google+ is to make video and voice communication more seamless and fun for everyone, including families,” Sögerberg said.

The OMEGel video platform is designed to provide “a powerful, reliable and free platform for video call.”

The company also said that its OMEGLI app will be integrated into its mobile apps, including the new Google+ videos.

“We’re excited to work with OMIGEL to provide users with the best video calling experience they’ve ever had,” said Eric Barbour, Google VP for Mobile.

“Together, we will create a video calling solution that makes it easier for everyone to get the best possible video call experience.”

The OMIGLE video calling app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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